How do you Improve your Social Anxiety?

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Improving your Social Anxiety is no easy task, but with the right information and techniques you may be able too achieve your goal with more ease. When it comes to this type of Anxiety you really need to know your limits, I say this because to improve your situation you have to push yourself a little more each time. You don't want to just dive right into a situation that's going to be unbearable and to much for you, this is not safe for your mental, and depending on how bad, physical health. This is something you have to improve on a little at a time, and you may face some setbacks, but you cant let that discourage you. Lets start out with a situation were you face a little bit of discomfort in but is still maintainable, you'll want to do that a couple times a week or as much as you can! As soon as it gets better and you feel no discomfort or Social Anxiety, you want to move on to another situation or atmosphere that may be a little out of your comfort zone. Once you find one that is right for you at your current stage of Social Anxiety do the same thing. Now when I talk about these situations you want to put yourself in, i don't mean ones that are way out of your comfort zone. Lets take this situation for example, someone may only be comfortable inside there home, they don't go to stores or work or outings with friends or family, they would want to try going in there yard a little more or taking a walk around the block or up and down the driveway. Just try to put yourself in a position where you're still safe but making some progress towards a normal life. If you have a job and tend to live a normal life but find yourself struggling to maintain because of Social Anxiety at work, you might want to try making the space you work in a little more familiar and cozy, like if you work at a desk in an office if its within the codes at work you might want to have your favorite blanket over your legs or try dimming your desk lights. I also think it would be very beneficial to maybe get to know your co-workers better one by one so you don't overwhelm yourself. The main part of Living with Social Anxiety is to set a goal that is going to better your life and work on it, don't feel discouraged because you don't see results immediately, if your truly working on your goal and trying to improve and make it better, you're actually doing something about it. You're no longer just maintaining Life with Social Anxiety you're conquering social Anxiety one small victory at a time, which sadly is more than most can say. And if its to hard to find ways to improve on Social Anxiety in your life its never too late to start take your time and when its right for you start your small victories. Just remember take your time go at your own pace, its not a competition, its not a race. I hope this short writing on improving your Social Anxiety will be beneficial too your life or someone you know.

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